Real food made with real love. If you are looking for a guilty pleasure place to eat, this is it! In here, calories don't count, just enjoy it. The gentleman who runs the place is super nice and can cook. We will be back to try everything on the menu - looking forward to fish Friday for sure
Fantastic food served by a really nice guy. We will definitely be back - the hot dogs and sausages are high quality and made to order and the price is right
Amazing. Cannot, and I mean CAN NOT beat it. I have never been more in love. With anything, ever. Seriously. Really, really good.
Customer service as well as food was outstanding! Sometimes you just want a good dog and we found it today. Thank y'all so much.
Great prices and unbeatable food.
Now when you walk in, don't be skeptical or judge. It's a small business and you can tell they're still getting things in order but they're genuine people and I think that's what it's all about. Not only that, the food was cooked on the spot to order, hot, fast and great service and I enjoyed it. I recommend the Philly cheesesteak. Give them a try!